454th Brigade

Accessed 29 June 2018

The Formation Bnei Chail or the 454th Brigade was a unit that served as a school for soldeirs in the Armored Corps at BHA"D 5.

After being transferred to the Negev, it was merged into 460th Brigade.


In early 1948, the Armored Corps School was first established in Netanya with the name Training Base 11 (NB: BHA"D - בסיס ההדרכה - בה״ד ) In April of 1948, the school moved to Tel Litvinsky but its operation was halted during the War of Independence with most of the tanks used to create the 8th Brigade, the first armored brigade in the IDF. In September 1949, a training and reinforcement center for the Armored Corps was set up in the Sarafand Camp, which later became BHA"D 5 and the Armored Corps School. In 1954, the school moved to the Julis Camp (Camp Emmanuel) where it remained until 1985 when because of a lack of gunnery ranges, the search for a new location began. After the Sinai War, the school was expanded and received the status of a brigade, which was called the Bnei Cha'il formation (Brigade 454).


Maj Joe Weiner1948
Maj Ephraim Porat1949-1959
Lt Col Ferdinand Rohatin1950-1951
Lt Col Amos Benin1952-1953
Lt Col Baruch Bar-Lev1953
Lt Col Israel Carmi1953-1954later Chief of Military Police
Lt Col Zivi Tsafriri1954
Lt Col Aharon Nachson1954-1956commander during Sinai War
Col Amos Benin1956-1958
Col Arie Shachar (Schwarzman)1958-1960
Col Herzl Shafir1960-1963later GOC Southern Command and Commissioner of Israel Police
Col Avraham Adan (Bran)1963-1964later GOC Southern Command
Col Uri Rom1964-1968emergency commander 37th Brigade during the Six-Day War
Col Mordechai Sippori1968-1971
Col Ya'akov Even1971-1972later commander National Security College
Col Gabriel Amir1972-1973commander at start of Yom Kippur War, when school was divided into two brigades
Brig Gen Yehuda Gavish1973emergency appointment during Yom Kippur War
Lt Col Shlomo Arbeli1973-1974
Col Ya'akov Hadar (Pepper)1974-1975
Col Gideon Avidor1976-1977
Col Uzi Levtzur (Lenzner)1977-1978
Col Emanuel Sackel1978
Col Avraham Almog1979-1981
Col Hagai Regev1982Military Secretary to Minister of Defense
Col David Shoval1982-1983
Col Menashe Inbar1983-1985
Col Benny Taran1985-1986
Col Meir Zamir1986-1987later commander of National Center for Land Training
Col Shmuel Ben Shahar1987-1988
Col Aryeh Ben Kish1988-
Col Gidi Levanon
Col Hanan Bernstein
Col Zion Sapir
Col Didi Ben-Yoash1997-1999later Chief Amor Officer in emergency
Col Ofer Ofir
Col Avi Ashkenazi2001-2002
Col Ron Bennylater Chief Military Police Officer

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