The 188th Brigade

The 188th Brigade, also known as the 'Barak Formation', is a regular armored brigade under the command of the Ga'ash Formation (36th Division) in the IDF Northern Command. The brigade uses Merkava Siman 3 BAZ tanks.

The brigade grew out of the HISH Carmeli Infantry Brigade. After the Sinai Campaign it became the 45th Mechanized Brigade. During the Six-Day War, it fought in the Dotan Valley and in the Golan Heights. After the war the brigade became an armored brigade and was equipped with light tanks which it used until 1992, when they were replaced with Merkava Siman 3 tanks. In the Yom Kippur War, the brigade was deployed on the Golan Heights and bore the brunt of the effort to contain the Syrian assault on the Golan Heights.

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