after 18 months of service
Western EquivalentHebrewRemarks
Conscripts Hogrim) (Conscript ranks may be gained purely on time served)
Private Turai
Corporal Rav Turai or Rabat)promoted after 7-10 months of service
Sergeant Samal
First SergeantSamal Rishon
Warrant Officers(Nagadim)
Sergeant First Class (Rav Samal)
Master Sergeant (Rav Samal Rishon)
Sergeant Major (Rav Samal Mitkadem)
Warrant Officer (Rav Samal Bakhir)
Master Warrant Officer(Rav Nagad Mishneh)
Chief Warrant Officer (Rav Nagad)
Academic officers(Ktzinim Akadema'im)
Professional Academic Officer (Katzin Miktzo'i Akadema'i)
Senior Academic Officer (Katzin Akadema'i Bakhir)
Officers (Ktzinim)
Second Lieutenant (Segen Mishneh)[1951-Present]
Captain (Seren)
Major (Rav Seren)
Lieutenant Colonel (Sgan Aluf)
Colonel (Aluf Mishneh) [1950-Present]
Brigadier General (Tat Aluf) [1968-Present]
Major General (Aluf) [1948-Present]
Lieutenant General Rav Aluf