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Rehabilitation and Maintenance Center (MASH"A 7000) is a logistics center that is subordinate to the IDF's Technology and Logistics Division. It is the body responsible for maintaining, repairing, converting and improving combat vehicles, communications equipment, observation equipment and more. Among its various roles, MASH"A also assembles the Merkava Siman 4 tank.

There are three MASH"A centers:

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MASH"A TAHA"SH is where the following units are located:

MASH"A Vehicle

MASH"A Digital Electronics

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Rehabilitaion and Maintenance Center 7100 began with the Basic Workshop 1 (acronym - BM"B)(במ״ב of the Transport Service, which was established on the exhibition grounds near the Tel Aviv airport during the tumultuous times of the War of Independence. In August 1948, of 1948 it moved to Tzrifin and the name was changed to BM"B 681. In September 1949 following the ending of the Transportation Corps, the base was put under the control of the Technical Corps. In April 1951, the Technical Corps Command became the Headquarters of the Chief Ordnance Officer. With the reorganization of the Quartermaster Division and the transition to logistic centers, BM"B 681 was subordinated directly to the Quartermaster Division and in August of 1966 it became Rehabilitation and Maintenance Center 681. Then in January 1972 it was changed to MASH"A 7100. At it various stages of development, its sub-units were located in Tzrifin, Beit Dagan, Tel Hashomer and Kiryat Shaul, until its current structure was consolidate. At MASH"A 7100 the production line of the Merkava tank is located in Tel Hashomer. Since 1979 more than 1,000 various model tanks have been manufactured, starting with the Merkava Siman 1 to the Merkava Siman 4.

Since the Second Intifada the Center has installed superstructures (an enclosed structure on top with armored glass windows) on Merkava tanks and Achtzarit armored vehicles. In addition, the Merkava Siman 3 was also fitted with an LIC configuration designed for Low Intensity Conflicts.

Together with IAI, the center developed protection for the D9R bulldozers, and later quickly developed and installed slat armor cages on the bulldozers to protect the crew against anti-tank missiles. It received the 2006 Ground Forces Commander award for this accomplishment.

The Rehabilitation Center in Haifa, previously called BM"B (Inspection Workshop) was established at the end of the War of Independence on a British military base. In the past, equipment to and from the center traveled on railroad tracks. In 2017, the unit won the Chief of Staff's Award for Outstanding Unit in Technology.[1]

Emblems of MASH"A Prior to Consolidation

MASH"A 7100

MASH"A 7100 old version

MASH"A 7200"

MASH"A 7200 old version

MASH"A 7300

Further Reading

Moshe Givati, in their hands steel forged - the story of the rehabilitation and maintenance center 7100 1948-1996, Tel Aviv: Ministry of Defense publication, 1997.

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Lilach Shoval, IDF Chief of Staff's Award: First place, Golani bypasses Shayetet 13, at NRG