Ga'ash Formation

The Ga'ash Formation (36th Division) is a regular armored division in the Northern Command of the Israeli Defense Forces.

The current division commander is Brig Gen Avi Gil.

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The division force structure consists of maneuever units (armored and infantry) that include the 188th Brigade, the 7th Brigade[1], the Golani Brigade and the Etzioni Brigade. In addition there is the Golan artillery, special operations battalion, a divisonal communications battalion and other combat formations.

Brigades of Ga'ash Div
Regular Brigades
Reserve Brigades

The division includes additional forces, among them are:

The logistics unit of the division

The Sion computer component of the division


The First Years

The command headquarters was established in 1954 as a mission headquarters without permanent forces under its responsibility. The first commander was Avraham Yaffe.

During the Six Day War the unit fought in northern Samaria, conquered Jenin, Dotan Valley, Nablus and the Adam Bridge later participating in the occupation of the southern Golan Heights.[2] Under its command during the conflict were 3rd and 9th Infantry Brigades, 37th Armored Brigade, 45th Mechanized Brigade and commando battalion (GASP) 181. גש״פ - גדוד שריון פיקודי In 1971 the unit was restructured as a permanent formation, and was given responsibility for the Golan Heights as a territorial command with the division's headquarters located at Camp Yitzhak (Nafakh) to the southwest of Ein Zivan.

During the Yom Kippur War the division fought against the Syrian forces who had reached the division HQ at Nafakh. After the war it was organized as a regular division (the Basalt Formation אוגדת הבזלת/Ugdat HaBazelet).

During Operation Litani the division fought in the eastern sector of southern Lebanon.

The Lebanon War

During the First Lebanon War the division was commanded by Avigdor Kahalani who leds its advance from the Galilee through Ramat Nabatiya toward Sidon. The Golani and 188th Brigades advanced from Galilee, crossed the Litani river at the Akiya Bridge without any resistance and then continued north towards Ramat Nabatiya while the Golani Brigade headed west towards the sea. The battle for Beaufort occurred on the night of 7 June. During the arrival of the force its commander, Moshe Kaplinsky, was injured and six Golani Brigade soldiers were killed including the commander that replaced Kaplinsky - Maj. Giorna (Goni) Harnik.

On 7 June following the conquest of Beaufort by the Golani Brigade, the 769th Brigade advanced with a force under the command of Gabi Ashkenazi, the commander of the Golani Brigade, toward the city of Nabatieh which fell that evening. That evening the division forces arrived at the outskirts of Sidon and during the night were joined by the 96th Division which had been transported by ship to the mouth of the Awali river, along with the 211th Brigade that had come from the south along the coastal road and put under the control of the division.

On 8 June the division fought a difficult battle in Sidon to open the main road for use. Its task was to find a way to pass through the city quickly and then move northward while the 91st Division was to clear out any remaining pockets of resistance in the city. The division continued fighting until it reached the outskirts of Beirut.

The Division Today

After the Second Lebanon War, the formation began a series of training exercises to implement the digital land army system and in September of 2009 it became the first division to conduct a full-scale division-level digital land army exercise.[3]

In January 2014 the Bashan Division (NB: 210 Div) assumed the role of the division as the division responsible for the Golan Heights and the Golan formation (NB: 474 Brigade) was transferred to the Bashan Division. In Operation Tzuk Eitan the division fought with the Golani Brigade, 7th Brigade, 188th Brigade and BISLAMACH Brigade (NB: 828 Brigade, School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders) under its control.

Division Commanders

Avraham Yaffe1954-1958later GOC Southern Command
Zvi Zamir1958-1962later OC Southern Command and head of Mossad
Uzi Narkis1962-1965later OC Central Command
Elad Peled1965-1968Col., commander during the Six-Day War
Shmuel Gonen1969-1972later OC of Southern Command
Rafael Eitan1972-1974commander during Yom Kippur War, later 11th Chief of Staff
Avigdor Ben-Gal1974-1976later GOC Northern Command and Commander of Northern Corps
Amir Drori1976-1977Deputy Chief of Staff
Uri Orr1977-1979later OC Northern Command
Uri Saguy1980-1980Head of Military Intelligence
Amram Mitzna1980-1981Head of Planning Division
Avigdor Kahalani1981-1982Medal of Heroism, commander during the First Lebanon War
Matan Vilnai1982-1984Deputy Chief of Staff
Yehuda Peled1984-1986Commander of the Interdepartmental College of Command and Headquarters
Nati Golan1986-1987Medal of Heroism
Meir Dagan1987-1989future General and Head of Mossad
Amiram Levine1989-1990later OC Northern Command
Yitzhak Brick1990-1992future commander of Military Collges and the Commissioner of Soldiers' Admissibility
Moshe Ivri Sukenik1992-1994later IDF Attache in USA
Shay Avital1994-1996Col., commander of the Depth Command
Benny Lidor1997-1999
Zvi Gendelman1999-2001became Mayor of Hadera
Avi Mizrahi2001-2003later OC Central Command
Gershon Hacohen2003-2005future commander of Military Colleges
Eli Reiter2005-15 OCT 2007
Sami Turgeman15 OCT 2007-17 JUN 2009later OC Southern Command
Eyal Zamir17 JUN 2009-07 JUL 2011future commander of Southern Command
Tamir Heiman07 JUL 2011-31 JUL 2013commander of Military Colleges and Northern Corps, Head of Military Intelligence
Yitzhak Turgeman31 JUL 2013-26 AUG 2015Head of Operations Division at Military Intelligence
Jacob Banjo[6]26 AUG 2015-18 MAR 2018
Avi Gil18 MAR 2018-current commander

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