The 460th Brigade

The 460th Brigade, also known as the בני-אור Bnei-or/"Sons of Light" Brigade, is the training brigade of the Armored Corps. The brigade is the School for the Armored Corps (BISLASH) located at the Shizafon Base in the Negev.



School of the Armored Corps

At the start of 1948 the Armored Corps School was established in Netanya. In April 1948 the school moved to Tel Litvinsky but during the War of Independence its operations were halted and most of the tanks used by the school were instead used to create the 8th Brigade, the first armored brigade of the IDF. In September 1949 a training and reinforcement center for the Armored corps was set up in Ramla, which later became BHA"D 5 and the School for the Armored Corps. In 1954 the school moved to the Julis Base (Camp Emmanuel) where it remained until 1985 when due to a lack of live fire ranges it was relocated to Base Siyarim. After the Sinai War (NB: 1956) the school was expanded and received the status of a brigade which was given the name עוצבת בני חיל Utzvat Bnei Chayil/"Son of a Warrior Formation" (Brigade 454).

460th Brigade

After the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, the brigade was set up under the command of Col Gabi Amir of the Armord Corps School which was then located in Julis. After the war the two brigades continued to exist as separate units with the Armored Corps School holding basic and vocational training courses and the 460th Brigade holding commander and officer courses until in 2003 as part of planned force reduction the BISLASH (NB:454) brigade was merged into the 460th Brigade.

In the past the brigade had been located in the Sinai in the area of Bir Timada, however, after the peace agreement bwtween Egypt and Israel the brigade moved to the Ketziot base. In 1982, shortly after taking part in Peace for Galilee, the brigade moved to bases built for the IDF by the Americans as compensation for Israel's withdrawal from the Sinai:

During the First Lebanon War, the brigade operated almost entirely in the Central Sector where it seized the town of Jezzine in the Battle of Jezzine which was the first major armored action with the Syrian army at the time as well as the village of Ein a-Tina in a battle known as the KMT-KKSH Battle in which 5 soldiers were killed in a training accident involving two battalions in the brigade. (NB: 196th BN the Tank Commander Course KMT and 198th BN the Command Officer Training KKSH. )

In 2009 the reorganization of the 460th Brigade was complete with training split not according to which brigades the fighters were destined to enter but by the stage of their training. In addition the Sayarim Camp was removed from Armored Corps School training and transferred to the Military Combat Force in order to serve as the military school (The Combat Training School - BISLAK ביסל״ק).

In July 2014 the brigade participated in Operation Tzuk Eitan in the fighting [1] in Deir al-Balah and Khan Yunis.

Structure of the Brigade

The brigade consists of five battalions and the brigade HQ, the HQ and four battalions (195, 196, 330, and 532) are permanently stationed in the Shizafon Camp while 198th BN is located at the Magen-Sayarim Camp.

Armored Corps School Battalion (195)

The Adam battalion today is the school where basic training is carried out, Basic Vocational Training ("professions") and the Instructor's Training Course (Armored Corps). Its motto is: "train the man in the tank to win" or more concisely "the man in the tank will win". The battalion was originally established as part of the 401st Brigade. In May 1981 it was transferred to the 500th Brigade. After that brigade was disbanded, the battalion was reformed as part of the 7th Brigade. With the reorganization of the corps, it became the battalion of the school.

The Magen Battalion

The Magen battalion which had previously been based at the Magen-Sayarim Camp played a similar role for the security office for the Sayarim Camp. It was also responsible for other training programs such as the Armored Corps Instructor Training Course (KMSH) (NB: this could also be KKSH), a Combat Support Training Company (TL) and a Waiting Company. (NB: ???) Since the merger of the Sayarim Camp with Shizafon, the battalion merged with 195th BN to become part of the Armored Corps School.

Battalion Commanders

Yossi Peled
Uzi Levatzur
Dani Yatom
Ami Even
Guy Hasson2004-2006
Yair Valensky2006-2008
Chaim Ido
Ohad Najima
Ronen Tamim
Dvir (Dud) Edri
Barak Charney

The "Shahak" Battalion (196)

The "Shahak" battalion is the command battalion in which the Tank Commander Course is held (KM''T), a command course for the support company (plugah ha-masa'ayot) and Armor Officers Course (KK''SH) for operating three armor brigades. The battalion's motto is: "only those who dare can win".

Battalion Commanders

Jacob Lapidot1972-Oct 1973
Amram MitznaOct 1973-commanded during Yom Kippur War
Shlomo Yanai
Sefi Shoman -June 1982commanded battalion in First Lebanon War, killed in battle
Eyal Ben Reuven
Gershon Hacohen
Halutzi Rodoy
Tamir Heimanlater head of Military Intelligence
Dan Neumann
Amir Hamud
Gal Shuchmi2011-2013
Rafi Wolfson2013-Aug 2015
Roy Swirski
Bnei Aaron

The "Azuz" Battalion (198)

The "Azuz" is the TZMA"P (team, platoon, company - advanced training) battalion of the soldiers of the 188th Brigade.

After the brigade moved to Ketziot, the battalion settled south of Nitzana in the Asus river area and hence its name. It had previously served as the training battalion for tank commanders in the 7th and 188th Brigades. This battalion is the only one that remains in the Sayarim Camp after the removal from the camp of the brigade's battalions and the establishment of BISLAK in 2009. The battalion's slogan is "Azuz - a battalion that wins".

Battalion Commanders

Amir Yaffe
Dud Hodak
Ehud Gross
Beni Lidor
Eyal Zamir
Lior Hochman
Erez Lev-Ran
Yoav Tilan
Giani Cohen2009-2011
Vardi Yordo
Elad Schwartz
Aryeh Berger2014-2015received Division Citation
Bnei Aaron2015-2016
Nir Tal2016-2017
Miki ShavitJul 2017 -

The "Shelah" Battalion (532)

The "Shelah" battalion is the TZM"P battalion for the 7th and 401st Brigades.

Battalion Commanders

Tzahak Lev-Ari
Didi Ben Yoash
Zvika Zoran
Efi Dafrin
German Gitlman
Hisham Ibrahim
Neria Yeshurun
Hanoch Daube

"School for Combat Assistance" (Branch 330)

The school for armor support training - observation, patrol and mortars. Here they give advanced training to support platoon members and a course for squad leaders. The commanders of the bomb disposal unit are: Omer Levin, Gal Dovinger, Idan Hamo. (NB: Bomb Disposal YAHASAP יחס״פ This is what appeared when I looked it up. It seems odd but the best I can come up with.)

Brigade Headquaters

The brigade headquarters is also responsible for providing the various battalions at Shizafon for training with operational readiness for an emergency, logistical services, medicine, training, etc.

Brigade Commanders

Gabriel Amir1973-1974commander during the Yom Kippur War
Yossi Peled1974-1975later commander of Northern Command
Aviram Gilad1975-1976
Dan Vardi1976-1977
Amram Mitzna1977-1978later OC Central Command
Giora Lev1978-1979
Ami Morag1979-1981Medal of Honor
Hagai Cohen1981-1982
Nati Golan1982-1983Medal of Heroism
Yitzhak Rabin1983-1984Rabbi of Torah, Field Corps HQ, commander Armored Corps
Yossi Melamed1984-1986
Tzvika Ken-Tor1986-1988
Ami Plant1988-1990Medal of Valor
Amos Malka1990-1992future Gen (Aluf)
Zvi Gendleman1992-1993future Mayor of Hadera
Yiftah Ron-Tal1993-1995latr commander Ground Forces
Udi Adam1995-1997later OC Northern Command
Dan Biton1997-1999later head of IDF
Shmuel Rosenthal1999-2001
Sami Turgeman2001-2002later commander of Ground Forces
Guy Tzur2002-Aug 2003later commander of Ground Forces
Halutzi RudyAug 2003-Sept 2005later head of Armored Corps
Tamir HeimanSept 2005-2006Commander Military Colleges and Northern Corps
Guy Goldstein2006-2008
Guy Bar-Lev2008-Jul 2011later Chief Combat Officer
Lior HochmanJul 2011-Oct 2013
Guy HassonOct 2013-May 2015later Chief Armored Officer
Amir AvsteinMay 2015-May 2017
Moran Omer17 May 2017-current brigade commander

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1 ^ Nir Segal, the Armored Corps killed more than 500 terrorists in the Eitan cliff on the mako site, August 28, 2014