A Chronicle of Major Events during the Eastern Chin and the Revolt of the Five Barbarian Tribes
EmperorReign titleA.D.Major Events
Chin Yuan-ti
Chien-wu 1
建武 元年
317Liu Ts'ung kills Chin Min-ti in P'ing-yang, Tsu T'i takes control of Ch'iao-ch'eng.
Ta-hsing 1
大興 元年
318Liu Ts'ung dies and there is a revolt in the state of Han. Liu Yao comes to the throne and is proclaimed Emperor. Tuan P'i-ti kills Liu K'un. The Chin appoint Wang Tao as the P'iao-chi Grand General () and Wang Tun as the Ching-chou Magistrate.
Ta-hsing 2
大興 二年
319Liu Yao establishes his capital at Ch'ang-an and changes the name of the state to Chao. The Ti, P'u Hung, submits to the Chao. Shih Le establishes a capital at Hsiang-kuo and proclaims himself the King of Chao, a state that is known in history as the Latter Chao.
Ta-hsing 3
大興 三年
320The Hsien-pei, Mu-jung Hui, is named the P'ing-chou Prefect.
Ta-hsing 4
大興 四年
321The Latter Chao occupy the three chou of Yu, Chi and Ping; Tuan P'i-ti is taken prisoner. Tsu T'i dies and his younger brother, Tsu Yueh, becomes the Yu-chou Prefect. Mu-jung Hui is enfeoffed as the Duke of Liao-tung.
Yung-ch'ang 1
永昌 元年
322Wang Tun rebels and moves troops into the palace where Yuan-ti is coerced into making Tun the Chancellor and then Tun returns again to Wu-ch'ang. It is not long before Yuan-ti, grieving and indignant, dies and the Heir Apparent, Shao, succeeds him to become the Emperor Chin Ming-ti. The Ssu-k'ung, Wang Tao, was asked in the will to assist in the government. The Latter Chao surround Ch'iao-ch'eng and Tsu Yueh retreats to garrison Shou-chun.
Chin Ming-ti
T'ai-ning 1
太寧 元年
323Wang Tun transfers his garrison to Ku-shu and puts himself under the control of Yang-chou while T'ao K'an controls the Chiao-chou Prefect. The Former Chao attacks Liang-chou and enfeofs Chang Mao as the King of Liang. The Latter Chao invades P'eng-ch'eng and Hsia-p'ei while the men of Chin retreat to defend Hsu-yi.
T'ai-ning 2
太寧 二年
324Chin Ming-ti dispatches troops to put down Wang Tun, who grieved and indignant dies. Wang Tao is instructed to become the Grand Guardian in control of the Ssu-t'u. The King of Liang, Chang Mao, dies and his son, Chang Chun, succeeds him. The two Chao states attack each other.
T'ai-ning 3
太寧 三年
325T'ao K'an is named the "Subdues the West" (Chen-hsi Chiang-chün) General with the military command of Ching-chou. The Latter Chao eliminates the Former Chao and the chou of Yi, Yu, Hsu and Yen all fall to the Latter Chou. Chin Ming-ti dies and Crown Prince Yen becomes Chin Ch'eng-ti with Empress Dowager Yu assuming the regency and control of the state.
Chin Ch'eng-ti
Hsien-ho 1
咸和 元年
326Yu Liang is in power, Shih Le of the Latter Chao make the Yu-ch'eng Palace into a barracks. Chang Chun of Liang restores good ties with Ch'eng.
Hsien-ho 2
咸和 &#x ;年
327Chang Chun is named Grand General of the Chin and Liang-chou Magistrate. Su Chun revolts and seized Ku-shu. Shih Hu of the Latter Chao attacks Tai to the north.
Hsien-ho 3
咸和 &#x ;年
328Su Chun attacks and takes the capital and seizes the Emperor, imprisoning and disgracing the officials. T'ao K'an, Yu Liang and Wen Chiao are dispatched to defeat and kill Su Chun. Shih Le of the Latter Chao captures and kills Liu Yao.
Hsien-ho 4
咸和 &#x ;年
329Tsu Yueh flees to surrender to the Latter Chao. Shih Hu kills the Chao Crown Prince Hsi. The Former Chao falls. T'ao K'an and Wen Chun pacify Su Yi.
Hsien-ho 5
咸和 &#x ;年
330Shih Le ascends to the throne as Emperor and Chang Chun declares allegiance to the Latter Chao. T'ao K'an punishes the rebel Kuo Mo with death.
Hsien-ho 6
咸和 &#x ;年
331Shih Le manages the Yeh Palace and Lo-yang becomes the Southern Capital.
Hsien-ho 7
咸和 &#x ;年
332T'ao K'an sends Huan Hsuan to recover Hsiang-yang.
Hsien-ho 8
咸和 &#x ;年
333Mu-jung Hui, the Duke of Liao-tung, dies and his son, Mu-jung Huang, succeeds him. Shih Le, the Latter Chao ruler, dies and his son Shih Hung succeeds to the throne. Shih Hu serves as the Chancellor and creates a dictatorship. Chang Chun sends a letter to Chien-k'ang by way of Ch'ung Shu.
Hsien-ho 9
咸和 &#x ;年
334It is announced that Chang Chun is appointed Grand General in charge of
Hsien-k'ang 1
咸康 &#x ;年
335The Latter Chao ruler Shih Le moves the capitol to Yeh. Chang Chun rules Ho-hsi and all of the kingdoms of the Western Region sent ambassadors to offer tribute.
Hsien-k'ang 2
咸康 &#x ;年
336Shih Hu of the Latter Chao builds a vast mansion.
Hsien-k'ang 3
咸康 &#x ;年
337Shih Hu of the Latter Chao proclaims himself the Grand Chao Heavenly Prince.
Hsien-k'ang 4
咸康 &#x ;年
338Shih Hu destroys the Tuan of Liao-hsi and also tries to subdue Yen but is defeated by Mu-jung Huang. In Shu, Li Shou changes the name of the state to han. Shih-i-chien is proclaimed the King of Tai in Fan-chih.
Hsien-k'ang 5
咸康 &#x ;年
339The Chin Chancellor Wang Tao dies and Yu Ping becomes the Supervisor of the Secretariat.
Hsien-k'ang 6
咸康 &#x ;年
340In Chin, Yu Liang dies and Ho Ch'ung becomes Prefect of the Secretariat. Yu Yi becomes the "Quiets the West" General (Chiang-chün) with a garrison at Wu-ch'ang. In Tai a capital is established at Yun-chung.
Hsien-k'ang 7
咸康 &#x ;年
341Huang, the King of Yen, builds Lung-ch'eng and sends Liu Hsiang as an ambassador to come to the court. By Imperial Decree Huang is enfeoffed as the King of Yen.
Hsien-k'ang 8
咸康 &#x ;年
342In Chin, Ch'eng-ti dies and his younger brother is named Emperor Chin K'ang-ti. Huang the King of Yen moves his capital to Lung-ch'eng. Shih Hu administers three capitals.
Chin K'ang-ti
Chien-yuan 1
建元 元年
343Li Shou, the ruler of Ch'eng-Han dies and his son Li Shih becomes the ruler. The Chao Crown Prince Shih Hsuan inflicts a great defeat on the Hsien-pei.
Chien-yuan 2
建元 &#x ;年
344Huang the King of Yen inflicts a major defeat on the Yu-wen Clan. K'ang-ti dies and Crown Prince Tan comes to the throne as Emperor Chin Mu-ti.
Chin Mu-ti
Yung-ho 1
永和 &#x ;年
345Shih Hu the King of Chao enlages the administration of the palace. In Chin, the Chiang-chou Military Commander, Yu Yi, dies and Huan Wen is put in command of military affairs in Ching-chou and Liang-chou, Chang Chun is proclaimed the King of Liang and he campaigns against the Yen-ch'i and brings them to terms. Huang the King of Yen sets up his own reign years and does not follow the official calendar of the Chin.
Yung-ho 2
永和 &#x ;年
346Chang Chun the King of Liang dies and his son, Chung-hua, takes his place as Liang-chou Magistrate. Chao attacks Liang and is defeated by Hsieh Ai. In Chin Huan Wen subjugates Shu.
Yung-ho 3
永和 &#x ;年
347Huan Wen destroys Shu and brings Li Shih to terms. The King of Chao, Shih Hu, expands the Hua-lin Garden.
Yung-ho 4
永和 &#x ;年
348Shih Hu the ruler of Chao kills Crown Prince Huan, setting up his son, Shih. Chang Chung-hua is proclaimed the King of Liang. Huang the King of Yen dies and his son, Chun, ascends the throne. P'u Hung sends envoys to submit to the Chin; their General, Ch'u P'o, campaigns in the north without success.
Yung-ho 5
永和 &#x ;年
349The Chao ruler, Shih Hu, dies and all of his sons fight for the throne as the state of Chao falls into chaos while Jan Min exterminates over 200,000 of the Hu Chieh. The Chin enfoef Mu-jung Chun as the Grand Ch'an-yu and King of Yen.
Yung-ho 6
永和 &#x ;年
350Jan Min is proclaimed the emperor of a state called Wei. The Chao King of Hsin-hsing, Shih Ch'i, ascends to the throne in Hsiang-kuo. In Chin the Yang-chou Prefect, Yin Hao, is put in command of the military affairs of five chou (including Yang and Yu). P'u Hung changes his name to Fu Hung. He is killed by a subordinate and his son, Chien, continues to control the group. Mu-jung Chun, the King of Yen, obtains Yu-chou from Chao and advances to attack Chi-chou. Tuan K'an occupies Kuang-ku and is proclaimed the King of Ch'i.
Yung-ho 7
永和 &#x ;年
351Fu Chien is proclaimed the Heavenly King of a state named Grand Ch'in. Shih Ch'i is murdered by a subordinate and the state of Latter Chao disintegrates. Yao Yi-chung sends envoys to sign a surrender agreement with Chin.
Yung-ho 8
永和 &#x ;年
352Fu Chien is proclaimed Emperor. Mu-jung Chun attacks and takes Yeh-ch'eng, killing Jan Min. Yao Yi-chung dies and his son, Yao Hsiang, submits to Chin. Mu-jung Chun is proclaimed Emperor and the state is known as the Former Yen. Yin Hao advances and garrisons Ssu-k'ou to prepare for a northern expedition.
Yung-ho 9
永和 &#x ;年
353Yin Hao invades the north; Yao Hsiang leads a mutiny and surprises Hao handing Chin a major defeat. In Liang Chang Chung-hua attacks the Chin and is defeated. In a short while Chung-hua dies and his son, Yao-ling, succeeds him and is then deposed as Chang Tsuo ascends the throne.
Yung-ho 10
永和 &#x ;年
354Chang Tsuo is proclaimed King of Liang. Yin Hao is deposed and made a commoner. In a large-scale invasion of the north, Huan Wen marches a force up to Pa-shang and unsuccessfully assaults Ch'ang-an then withdraws. The Ch'in army counter-attacks and the Chin army suffers heavy losses. Yao hsiang plunders Ho-nan and then submits to the Former Yen.
Yung-ho 11
永和 &#x ;年
355Chien the King of Ch'in dies and Crown Prince Fu Sheng ascends the throne. Chang Tsuo the King of Liang is killed and the people set up Chang Hsuan-ching as their King.
Yung-ho 12
永和 &#x ;年
356Huan Wen breaks Yao Hsiang and the Chin enters Lo-yang. The King of Liang becomes vassal to Ch'in. Fu Sheng the King of Ch'in becomes very cruel and heartless.
Sheng-p'ing 1
升平 &#x ;年
357The Empress Dowager
Sheng-p'ing 2
升平 &#x ;年
Sheng-p'ing 3
升平 &#x ;年
Sheng-p'ing 4
升平 &#x ;年
Sheng-p'ing 5
升平 &#x ;年
Lung-ho 1
隆和 元年
Hsing-ning 1
興寧 &#x ;年
Hsing-ning 2
興寧 &#x ;年
Hsing-ning 3
興寧 &#x ;年
T'ai-ho 1
太和 &#x ;年
T'ai-ho 2
太和 &#x ;年
T'ai-ho 3
太和 &#x ;年
T'ai-ho 4
太和 &#x ;年
T'ai-ho 5
太和 &#x ;年
Hsien-an 1
咸安 &#x ;年
Hsien-an 2
咸安 &#x ;年
Ning-k'ang 1
寧康 &#x ;年
Ning-k'ang 2
寧康 &#x ;年
Ning-k'ang 3
寧康 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 1
太元 元年
T'ai-yuan 2
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 3
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 4
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 5
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 6
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 7
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 8
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 9
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 10
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 11
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 12
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 13
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 14
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 15
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 16
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 17
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 18
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 19
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 20
太元 &#x ;年
T'ai-yuan 21
太元 &#x ;年
Chin An-ti
Lung-an 1
隆安 &#x ;年
Lung-an 2
隆安 &#x ;年
Lung-an 3
隆安 &#x ;年
Lung-an 4
隆安 &#x ;年
Lung-an 5
隆安 &#x ;年
Yuan-hsing 1
元興 &#x ;年
Yuan-hsing 2
元興 &#x ;年
Yuan-hsing 3
元興 &#x ;年
I-hsi 1
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 2
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 3
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 4
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 5
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 6
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 7
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 8
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 9
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 10
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 11
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 12
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 13
義熙 &#x ;年
I-hsi 14
義熙 &#x ;年
Yuan-hsi 1
元熙 &#x ;年
Sung Wu-ti Yung-ch'u 1
永初 &#x ;年
Yung-ch'u 2
永初 &#x ;年
Yung-ch'u 3
永初 &#x ;年
Chin Fei-ti
Ching-p'ing 1
景平 &#x ;年
Sung Wen-ti
Yuan-chia 1
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 2
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 3
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 4
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 5
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 6
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 7
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 8
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 9
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 10
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 11
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 12
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 13
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 14
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 15
元嘉 &#x ;年
Yuan-chia 16
元嘉 &#x ;年