A Chronicle of Major Events during the Western Chin
EmperorReign titleA.D.Major Events
Chin Wu-ti
T'ai-shih 1
泰始 元年
265The King of Chin, Ssu-ma Yen (司馬炎), overthrows the Wei Dynasty to become Emperor Chin Wu-ti, changing the reign title to T'ai-shih.
T'ai-shih 2
泰始 二年
266The large-scale enfeoffment of the members of the Imperial Family as Kings.
T'ai-shih 3
泰始 三年
267The Emperor's son, Ssu-ma Chung (司馬衷), is designated the Imperial Heir (太子 T'ai-tzu).
T'ai-shih 4
泰始 四年
268Hsien-pei Army Commanders (都督 Tu-tu) are assigned to Yung-chou (雍州) and Liang-chou (涼州).
T'ai-shih 5
泰始 五年
269Yang Hu (羊祜) is appointed Army Commander of Military Affairs for Ching-chou (荆州) with a garrison at Hsiang-yang (襄陽).
T'ai-shih 6
泰始 六年
270The uprising of the Hsien-pei, T'u-fa Shu-chi-nung () is put down and Hu Lieh () troops are defeated and killed.
T'ai-shih 7
泰始 七年
271The barbarian tribes of the north revolt and together with Shu-chi-nung besiege Lan-chou, defeating and killing the Prefect Ch'ien Hung.
T'ai-shih 8
泰始 八年
272Chung, the Imperial Heir, accepts as his consort the Lady Chia; Wang Chun is appointed Prefect of I-chou and a navy is built with great effort.
T'ai-shih 9
泰始 九年
273By Imperial Edict women not of high rank are selected (as a harem) and six palaces are prepared for them.
T'ai-shih 10
泰始 十年
274By Imperial Edict some 5,000 women of good families are summoned to enter the palace to be selected (for the harem).
Hsien-ning 1
咸寧 元年
275The Hsien-pei, T'o-pa Li-wei, sends his son, Sha-mo-han, to offer tribute to the Emperor; there is a great plague in Lo-yang and the dead number over ten-thousand.
Hsien-ning 2
咸寧 二年
276Yang Hu is appointed Cheng-nan Chiang-chün (征南將軍 Conquer the South General) and Hu petitions the throne to be allowed to subjugate the region of Wu, using Yang Chun, the father of the Empress, as the Chariot and Horse General (將軍).
Hsien-ning 3
咸寧 三年
277Wen Yang, the P'ing-lu General (將軍), inflicts a great defeat on Shu-chi-nung.
Hsien-ning 4
咸寧 四年
278Yang Hu dies and Tu Yu is appointed as Conquer the South General (將軍) and the Military Commander of Ching-chou.
Hsien-ning 5
咸寧 五年
279Ma Lung executes Shu-chi-nung and with Liang-chou pacified a major effort is made to subjugate Wu.
T'ai-k'ang 1
太康 元年
280Wu is eliminated; Sun Ho is enfeofed as the Marquis of Kuei-ming; the chou and chun armies are decommissioned; and Kuo Ch'in submits a memorial to the Emperor discussing the merits of allowing the Jung (western barbarians) to immigrate.
T'ai-k'ang 2
太康 二年
281Emperor Wu-ti engages in travels and feasts, there are ten-thousand women in the rear palace (harem); the Empress's father, Yang Chun, comes into power; the Hsien-pei, Mu-jung She-kuei, invades Ch'ang-li.
T'ai-k'ang 3
太康 三年
282Chang Hua is appointed the Military Commander of Yu-chou.
T'ai-k'ang 4
太康 四年
T'ai-k'ang 5
太康 五年
284Liu I submits a memorial to the Emperor discussing the defects and justice in the system of Nine Ranks; the Hsiung-nu, T'ai-a-hou, lead his tribe of 29,000 to surrender.
T'ai-k'ang 6
太康 六年
T'ai-k'ang 7
太康 七年
286The Hsien-pei, Mu-jung Kuei, enters and invades Liao-tung; over 100,000 from various Hsiung-nu tribes come to surrender.
T'ai-k'ang 8
太康 八年
287The Hsiung-nu Military Commander, Ta-to-te-i-yu-chu, leads some 1,500 individuals from various tribes to surrender.
T'ai-k'ang 9
太康 九年
288There is a great drought in 33 of the precfectures and kingdoms of the Empire.
T'ai-k'ang 10
太康 十年
289Mu-jung Kuei requests surrender to become the Military Commander of the Hsien-pei; Liu Yuan is appointed Great Military Commander of the Northern Hsiung-nu.
Chin Hui-ti
Yung-hsi 1
永熙 元年
290Chin Wu-ti dies and Hui-ti becomes Emperor as Yang Chun is named Imperial Tutor and Great Military Commander to wield political power; Liu Yuan becomes the Great Military Commander of the Five Hsiung-nu Tribes.
Yuan-k'ang 1
元康 元年
291Empress Chia deposes Empress Dowager Yang and has Yang Chun killed; Liang, the King of Ju-nan, is summoned to be Imperial Minister, the Empress Chia also sends Wei, the King of Ch'u, to kill Liang and then has Wei killed.
Yuan-k'ang 2
元康 二年
292Empress Chia has Empress Dowager Yang killed.
Yuan-k'ang 3
元康 三年
293The Hsien-pei set up Yu-wen P'u-po and T'o-pa Lu-kuan.
Yuan-k'ang 4
元康 四年
294The Hsien-pei Military Commander Mu-jung moves his residence to Ta-chi Ch'eng (The City of Great Thickets).
Yuan-k'ang 5
元康 五年
295There is a great flood in the six provinces of Ching, Yang, Yen, Yu, Ch'ing and Hsu; the Hsien-pei, T'o-pa Lu-kuan, divides his kingdom into two parts.
Yuan-k'ang 6
元康 六年
296The Ti and Ch'iang of Ch'in and Yung provinces rebel and support Ch'i-wan-nien as Emperor; General Chou Ch'u is sent to put down the rebellion.
Yuan-k'ang 7
元康 七年
297In the course of subjugating Ch'i-wan-nien, Chou Ch'u is killed in battle and Wang Jung becomes Ssu-t'u (Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs).
Yuan-k'ang 8
元康 八年
298General Meng Kuan is sent to put down Ch'i-wan-nien and Li T'e and Li Hsiang of the Ti tribe enter Shu.
Yuan-k'ang 9
元康 九年
299Meng Kuan captures Ch'i-wan-nien; Chien T'ung writes "A Discussion on Moving the Jung (the western tribes)"; Empress Chia deposes the Heir Apparent.
Yung-k'ang 1
永康 元年
300Empress Chia has the Heir Apparent killed so Chao Wang-lun raises troops to depose and kill Empress Chia, Ch'ung, King of Huai-nan, raises troops to put down Chao Wang-lun but is not successful; Chao Wang-lun proclaims himself as Prime Minister augmented with Nine Hsi, and names a woman of the Yang Clan as Empress, while Chao Ch'in occupies Ch'eng-tu and proclaims himself Great Military Commander.
Yung-ning 1
永寧 元年
301Chao Wang-lun is proclaimed Emperor and Hui-ti is moved into the Ch'in-yung Ch'eng; ?? the King of Ch'i, Ying the King of Ch'eng-tu, Yung the King of Ho-chien and the King of Ch'ang-sha raise troops to remove Chao Wang-lun and restore Hui-ti. Chang Kuei becomes the Liang-chou Prefect; Li T'e occupies Ch'eng-tu and kills Chao Ch'in.
T'ai-an 1
太安 元年
302Yung the King of Ho-chien sends the King of Ch'ang-sha to kill Chiung the King of Ch'i. Li T'e proclaims himself Great General (將軍) and Magistrate of Yi-chou.
T'ai-an 2
太安 二年
303Yung the King of Ho-chien and Ying the King of Ch'eng-tu raise troops in revolt and are defeated by the King of Ch'ang-sha at Ho-ch'iao. Li T'e is killed by Luo Shang the Liang-chou Prefect so T'e's younger brother, Li Liu, proclaims himself Great General and Yi-chou Magistrate. There is a popular revolt in Chiang-hsia in Ching-chou and Chang Ch'ang appoints Liu Ni as the Son of Heaven but they are put down by Liu Hung and T'ao K'un.
Yung-hsing 1
永興 元年
304Yueh the King of Tung-hai kills Yi the King of Chang-sha and deposes the Empress Yang. Yueh the King of Tung-hai moves against Ying the King of Ch'eng-tu but fails and returns to his kingdom. Then Wang Chun, the Yu-chou Military Commander, together with T'eng the Duke of of Tung-ying raise troops to fight Ying the King of Ch'eng-tu and Chang Fang who have seized the Emperor in Ch'ang-an. The Hsiung-nu, Liu Yuan, establishes a capital at Tsuo-kuo Ch'eng and is proclaimed the King of Han.
Yung-hsing 2
永興 二年
305Yueh the King of Tung-hai issues a call to arms in Shan-tung to fight Chang Fang.
Kuang-hsi 1
光熙 元年
306Imperial Minister Yung kills Chang Fang and Ying the King of Ch'eng-tu rushes to Ch'ang-an. Li Hsiung is proclaimed emperor in Ch'eng-tu. The Emperor Hui-ti eats poisoned pastries and dies, after which his younger brother, Ssu-ma Ch'i, ascends the throne to become the Emperor Chin Huai-ti.
Chin Huai-ti
Yung-chia 1
永嘉 元年
307Wang Mi proclaims himself the Cheng-tung Great General (將軍) and invades the two provinces of Ch'ing and Hsu. Jui the King of Lang-yeh administers the Military Command of Yang-chou from Chien-yeh. Mu-jung sets himself up as the Great Military Commander of the Hsien-pei.
Yung-chia 2
永嘉 二年
308Wang Mi invades Lo-yang, Chang Kuei sends the Pei-kung Chun (North Palace Army) to enter the Guard and go to attack Wang; Liu Yuan the King of Han is proclaimed Emperor.
Yung-chia 3
永嘉 三年
309Liu Yuan moves his capital to P'ing-yang; Shih Le invades Chu-lu, Ch'ang-shan and acquires the Chinese, Chang Pin, as his aide.
Yung-chia 4
永嘉 四年
310Liu Yuan the ruler of Han, dies and Liu Ts'ung succeeds him; the Ti chieftain, P'u Hung, declares himself the Duke of Yueh-lang; Shih Le invades Hsiang-yang and the Imperial Tutor, Yueh, leads troops against him.
Yung-chia 5
永嘉 五年
311In the regions of Ching and Hsiang, refugees from Shu and Pa revolt, putting Tu T'ao forward as their leader; Yueh the King of Tung-hai dies and Wang Yeh performs the funeral service for him and then Wang returns to Tung-hai, Shih Le sends troops to pursue them and over 100,000 Chin troops are slaughtered; Han troops attack and seize Lo-yang and move Haui-ti to P'ing-yang.
Yung-chia 6
永嘉 六年
312Jui the King of Lang-yeh assembles a host at Shou-ch'un to eliminate Shih Le; Liu K'un and T'o-pa Yi-lu defeat Liu Yao; the Ch'iang chieftain, Yao Yi-ch'ung, proclaims himself the Duke of Fu-feng.
Chin Min-ti
Chien-hsing 1
建興 元年
313Liu Ts'ung kills Huai-ti at P'ing-yang and Min-ti is named Emperor in Ch'ang-an, appointing Jui King of Lang-yeh as Left Prime Minister, Ts'u Ti as the Yu-chou Prefect and T'ao K'un as the Ching-chou Prefect.
Chien-hsing 2
建興 二年
314Chang Kuei becomes the Liang-chou Magistrate; Li Ch'eng of Shu obtains the lands of Han-chung; Shih Le surprises and kills Wang Chun; Tuan P'i-ti occupies Chi-ch'eng.
Chien-hsing 3
建興 三年
315T'ao K'un put down disturbances in Ching and Kuang; T'o-pa Yi-lu is enfeoffed as the King of Tai; Liu Ts'ung enfeofs Shih Le as the Count of Shan-tung (east of Shan-hsi).
Chien-hsing 4
建興 四年
316The T'o-pa clan of Tai fall into chaos and kill one another; Liu Yen captures Ch'ang-an and as Emperor Min-ti comes out to surrender the Western Chin Dynasty comes to an end. Shih Le attacks and destroys Liu K'un so K'un flees to Chi-ch'eng and joins with Tuan P'i-ti.

Line of Emperors of the Two Chin Dynasties

1 Wu-ti Ssu-ma Yen
2 Hui-ti Ssu-ma
3 Huai-ti Ssu-ma
4 Min-ti Ssu-ma