A Chronicle of Major Events During the Western Chou
EmperorB.C.Major Events
King Wu
-1122The first year of the reign of King Wu.
-1111The lords gather to subdue Chou and there is a great battle at Shou-yeh where King Chou immolates himself after which there was a great enfeofment of the lords.
-1108Chi-tzu (&#x;&#x;) is given the land of Chao-hsien to rule.
King Ch'eng
-1104The first year of the reign of King Ch'eng as Duke ?? of Chou acts as regent with Kuan Cha and Wu-keng staging a revolt.
-1102The revolt of Wu-keng and Kuan Cha is quelled and K'ang-shu is granted Yin-shu whihc becomes Wei.
-1098The Duke of Chou (公) returns the government to King Ch'eng.
King K'ang
-1067The first year of the reign of King K'ang, with the 37 years of King Ch'eng and the 26 years of King K'ang becoming the Ch'eng-K'ang Administration.
King Chao
King Mu
King Kung
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King Hsiao
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King I
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King Yu
&#x ;王
-781 The first year of the reign of King Yu.
-771 Shen Hou () unites with T'ai Jung () to attack the king who dies beneath Lin-shan bringing the Western Chou to an end.