Book 1 - Prehistory

0.1 Publisher's Forward

0.2 Author's Introduction

0.2.1 Slicing up time and Cutting up the string of Dynasties (Periodization)

Contemporary scholars have many different views with regard to periodization in Chinese history and many of them have important things to say to us but unfortunately there is no generally accepted practice. As a general history this book will use the customary practice of using dynasties as standard units, and divide time into the four phases of the Upper Past, the Middle Past, the Recent Past and Modern, for the most part following the periodization used in high school and college textbooks. The time before the Ch'in is the Upper Past, the Ch'in and Han up to the Sui, T'ang and Five Dynasties is the Middle Past, the Sung, Liao, Chin, Yuan and Ming are the Recent Past, while the Ch'ing period is Modern and in this history the (ch'ien-yuan-ku) period is placed in the Upper Past. From the time of the founding of the Republic on is contemporary history and since colleges also have contemporary history courses in addition to the general history courses, therefore when writing this book it stops when we reach the end of the Ch'ing and the creation of the Republic of China in order to avoid duplication with Contemporary History courses.

0.2.2 Historical Facts and Cultural History
0.2.3 Introduction
0.2.4 General Account
0.2.5 Diagrams and Tables
0.2.6 Notes and Appendices
0.2.7 Biographies of Famous People
0.2.8 Names used for Rulers
0.2.9 Historical Explanation
0.2.10 Maps, Regions, Imperial Line of Succession, and Chronicles